Anne LaBarbera

Anne is an experienced attorney in Entertainment, Media, and Small Business Law. Admitted to practice law in the State of New York. She earned a Bachelor of Laws in Scots Law and a Master of Laws in International Commercial Law at the University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Anne has a background in creative industries, primarily the entertainment industry and incorporates this experience into the practice of law.

NYC Office: p. 917-704-9759 f. 917-732-7756

Syracuse Office: p. 315-748-5411 f. 315-714-4111

Email: anne@tlcpc.law


Practice Areas


01. Entertainment and Media Law

Anne can help you with production contracts and other documents, Intellectual Property related to your productions, and union and other compliance.


02. Intellectual Property

Anne assists and advises clients as to trademark and copyright matters. Anne is not a member of the Patent Bar but can refer you to colleuges who are.


03. Contracts

Anne can assist you in creating commercial and other contracts and can advise you as to contract disputes.


04. Small Business Advice

Anne can assist you in forming, acquiring, or selling a small business.


05. Real Estate

Anne can assist you with your Real Estate or Co Op purchase or sale. Anne has been involved in transactions both Upstate and Downstate.


06. General Practice

Anne frequently assists her upstate clients with matters such as the drafting of a Will or filing for an Uncontested Divorce. If you have a general law matter that Anne can not handle, she may be able to refer you to someone who can


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NYC Office: 917-704-9759

Syracuse Office: 315-748-5411

Email: anne@tlcpc.law

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