June 7, 2018

NYPD Special Victims Division (SVD) Fails Victims of Sex Crimes

On March 27, 2018, the City of New York, Department of Investigation (DOI) Released a 163-page report, An Investigation of NYPD’s Special Victims Division—Adult Sex Crimes.  The DOI found,


"... compelling evidence that SVD faces significant systemic problems caused by years of flawed analysis and inaction by NYPD leadership. Despite years of repeated warnings from SVD officials about the negative impact caused by understaffing, and continuing requests for additional resources, NYPD leadership failed to act."(pg. 11).


The DOI also found that unless you were the victim of a "high media profile" case or a "stranger rape," your case would likely not be given adequate investigative attention. (pg. 28). NYPD commending officers instructed SVD to prioritize these cases over “acquaintance” and “domestic” rape cases.  (Id.).  

Failure to investigate all cases properly, particularly the more common “acquaintance” and “domestic” rape cases, creates collateral consequences for survivors, including re-victimization, barriers to justice, underreporting, and emotional harms. 

The full report can be found here

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