TLC, A Professional Kismet


Our practice meets at the intersection of entertainment law and representing survivors of sex abuse and violence.  The recent public outcry surrounding high profile sex abusers helped us to realize that our practices were complimentary of each other.  

 In November of 2017, Anne and Kat were both attending a symposium at the New York City Bar Association. Just as Kat had decided to follow her true passion for representing victims of gender-based violence by starting her own law firm, Anne was moderating a panel discussion on running a firm. After the discussion, Kat approached Anne and they soon began supporting each other’s practices.

 Unaware that the foundation for TLC had already begun to form, Anne and Kat continued to work their separate practices while supporting and guiding each other along the way.  After recognizing their common goals to diligently represent clients, fight against injustice, support emerging artists, and grow successful women-lead practices, the next step was clear.  

 TLC was born…